A renewed breakfast in #vbochke

Every morning, from 6.00 am to 2.00 pm, 7 days a week, our Chef Igor Bednyakov invites you to try a renewed breakfast menu!

The menu includes a variety of dishes from a light green salad with salmon, quail eggs and goat cheese to a filling oatmeal or boiled rice. As for cottage cheese dishes, our Chef recommends tender cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream or cheesecake with a rich orange sauce.

For the eggs and omelets fans, we have prepared new scrambled eggs with beans and Vienna sausages (250 rubles), poached eggs with pike perch and spinach in a creamy sauce (250 rubles), scramble-eggs with vegetables (250 rubles), omelet with salmon and creamy cheese in a vegetable spiral (360 rubles), “Sunny side up” reversed omelet with red bass (350 rubles).

The gourmands can treat themselves with tender chicken balls and courgette pasta in a creamy sauce (310 rubles).

Moreover, we offer a nice compliment – Bochka will pay for 2-hour parking while you are enjoying your breakfast.
Have a bright and tasty beginning of the day!