A new menu for the meat lovers in Bochka restaurant

The Chef of Bochka restaurant Igor Bednyakov has introduced a new meat menu ‘from nose to tail’. The collection of special dishes includes some specialties made of the most delicious pieces of beef, which are particularly loved by the meat connoisseurs.

The special menu starts with Green salad with juicy skirt-steak and bacon ice cream (495 rub.), as for hot snacks we offer Veal liver soufflé with spelt wheat and mushroom sauce (410 rub.), the third comes savoury Oxtails soup with lentils ( 390 rub.), and for the main we serve tender Beef cheeks stewed in red wine with herbs and prunes (820 rub.)

Each of the 4 menu items will be a decent addition to any feast, and the full set of dishes will make a hearty gourmet dinner.