A Moscow-style lunch party at #vbochke

On 8th of April, 7.30 pm, the famous television presenter and journalist Vlad Piskunov will be throwing an authentic Moscow-style lunch party at Bochka restaurant!
We will light a fire in the city’s main fireplace and evoke the atmosphere of the nineteenth century Moscow. We will taste the dishes once ordered by Leo Tolstoy’s characters – this time prepared by our chef Igor Bednyakov. We will call into question Nabokov’s claim that Anglia restaurant, where our characters sat down to lunch, in fact never existed, and that Count Golitzyn was a fictional figure. We will be guessing riddles like,” What fish snack did Stiva follow his vodka with? And what were the mysterious Beaumarchais sauce and Cachet blanc champagne served at their table?” We will sample new sorts of Polugar (Russian traditional bread wine), discover the genuinely Moscow way of savouring snacks, and find out what “preserves” the characters of the novel delighted in for dessert. You can expect a warm and tasty reception!

You are very welcome at Bochka restaurant on 8th of April, at 7.30 pm, Year 1905 Street, 2.

A set of 6 servings is RUB 2,500.
Do not refuse yourself a pleasure to try out the dishes that Levin and Oblonsky were enjoying on 11th of February, 1872!

To book a table, please call us: +7 (495) 651-81-10